After months and months of getting this site together, it’s finally done. And as this project was finally coming to fruition, I realized something; more than anything else, I missed having a blog. It seems ironic, right? I started Breathing Fashion in 2009 as a way to hone in on my fashion writing. Its very goal from the beginning was to allow me to grow my voice in hopes of becoming a professional fashion writer. And you know what? It happened.


I’m currently a full time Latinx Culture Writer at HelloGiggles, as well as a freelance writer for publications such as Nylon, i-D and The Numinous. I’ve written for so many amazing magazines, and have had internships with Vivienne Westwood and Rick Owens. It’s a saying for a reason; hard work pays off! But there’s also something else that’s often left unsaid. What do you do when you’ve achieved your goals? Time to make more, right? Sadly, this means I’ll be retiring Breathing Fashion. The site will still be up for nostalgic and content purposes, but this is my new space!

Even though I spend my days writing, I missed having a platform for myself, where the only voice or editor I need to report to is the universe. Having a space to vent or voice something I’m passionate about on my own watch is just how I role. I’m an Aquarius and if there’s something I love, it’s doing something in my own way, on my own time. I’m not sure what my next few goals are; keep growing as a writer, write a book, continue to form a community with magical women who are changing the world. Travel, love, talk to the moon. Go to more museums and fight the patriarchy with lipstick and some bad ass femmes by my side.


These photos are from this past weekend at The 14th Factory.  The exhibit takes place in a warehouse and is completely immersive. It’s one of the coolest exhibits I’ve been too, and it was (nearly) overwhelming in the best way. If you’re in LA you have to go, not only for the photo opps but because art too, of course. After seeing this exhibit, I went to a storytelling ritual focused on summer love and manifesting love. I love stories as medicine. I’m a writer for a reason! But it’s something that we have lost as a sacred act. And coming together with women in a safe space to share stories and hold space and really listen; there are no words for the sort of magick that weaves.


Seeing Carlie, one of my favorite humans who I met in college, just made the exhibit even better. If I could spend everyday surrounded by art and fierce women, I would be the happiest.

Anyway, keep an eye on this space. I will probably be posting a mix of fashion and occult content, and probably some outfit photos as well. Until then, so much love for anyone who reads this. You make my world brighter.

All photos by Alexandra Herstik taken at The 14th Factory.

gabriela herstik