It’s here. The temple has been erected and we stand as your Priestesses, ready to guide you into the energy of alchemical glamour and Venus worship. Welcome to the Temple of Glamour, where sea foam tastes like roses and the Goddess whispers in tulle and silk. Ivory Woods and I are your guides, and all you have to do to enter the sacred portal of the temple is follow the rose petals we’ve left behind us.


The temple of glamour is a space where we honor the Goddess, Venus and the divinity in ourselves through ultra femme aesthetics, lingerie, flowers and magick. Ivory and I both have our own definitions of what the Temple of Glamour is. Mine is, “dressing up as glamour as alchemy. Honoring the Goddess through creation as initiation with opulence and extravagance. In vintage lingerie with flower petals and moonlight in our hair.”


For Ivory, the Temple of Glamour is “channeling Venus by wearing hyper feminine vintage lingerie, putting on exaggerated makeup, and adorning ourselves with jewelry and roses connects us to the power of the divine feminine and self-love.” We will be updating our Instagram regularly, and we have some exciting plans, so follow along!

gabriela herstik