The earth is calling to us, in all her majesty. The earth is calling to us, in all her majesty. Asking us to take a second to find ourselves. To come back to the present. To ask ourselves how we can be whole. After the intense burning of Leo Season, when we were asked to examine our relationship with our power, Virgo season (which we entered on August 23rd) is this grounded counterpart. Now that we know our power, our capability and our potential, how can we sit with this and use it as fuel? How can we use it as grounding? Well, the Virgo New Moon on August 30th is asking us these questions, and reminding us that we are sovereign to ourselves.

This 8-page ritual guide is inspired by committing to OURSELVES, to committing to growth and to the message of the grounded Earth Mother that Virgo and its New Moon speaks of. This PDF includes; background on what the Sun and Moon in Virgo mean, what the supermoon means, journal questions, mantras, crystals to work with, the major arcana card for Virgo and what this means, a tarot spread for finding your roots AND a handfasting wedding ritual to commit to yourself!

Virgo’s glyph is the virgin, the one is whole unto herself, and we can use the energy of this New Moon to pledge our hearts and souls to our own growth. To whatever we’re committing to until the season is over, through Autumn until the new year on Samhain. This New Moon is asking you to come grounded, with discipline and an open heart. And so it is!

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